Fascinating Womanhood

Es ist da, es ist da!!!

Ich konnte bisher leider nur kurz reinschauen, aber was ich sah, las sich recht vielversprechend.

Vorerst möchte ich die Zielsetzungen dieses Werks bekannt geben:

„What This Book Can Do For You

It will teach you

1.The Ideal Woman, from a man´s point of view.
2. What men find fascinating in women.
3. How to awaken a man´s deepest feelings of love and tenderness.
4. How to understand men, their needs, temperament and characteristics.
5. How to treat a man when he is depressed, in order to build his confidence and respect in himself.
6. How to cause a man to protect you, provide for you and devote himself to you.
7. How to obtain those things in life which mean so much things you are justified in having.
8. How to bring out the best in your man, without pushing or persuasion
9. The feminine role and the happiness which come with it´s fulfillment 
10. The masculine role and the respect due this divine calling
11. How to react when a man is thoughtless, unfair or negligent.
12. How to be attractive, even adorable, when you are angry.  
13. How to keep a line of communication open in a marriage so that a good feeling always exists.
14.How to gain true happiness in marriage, while placing your husband´s hapiness as a primary goal. “

Na denn, da werden wir ja einiges lernen können, scheint mir.

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